WWE Battleground 2017 Match Rankings

I don’t really like spending my time angrily venting about wrestling pay-per-views, so I think I’ll make my Battleground review a short one. But just a little warning before we start with the match rankings, it wasn’t good… #7 John Cena def. Rusev via flag stuff *1/2 Slow, tedious, not special enough to merit to […]

WWE Battleground 2017 Preview

It really doesn’t feel like there’s a pay-per-view this weekend, that’s what bi-weekly supercards will do to you. But indeed, Smackdown’s Battleground event will be going down this Sunday night, and every now and then, I forget what the card actually is. For once, maybe this preview article will be my genuine reaction to some of […]

WWE Ranking the Roster: Episode 5

What’s the best thing about RAW/Smackdown right now? That’s the question I ask here. Ranking the Roster returns! I thought now would be a good time to write up my ranking of today’s WWE roster, from worst to best. There are a few absentees that people might notice, reasons for them not appearing in the […]

WWE Great Balls of Fire Matches Ranked

I’ll try to keep this brief, as I am writing this ‘review’ much later than expected. I’d like to start by quickly talking about the pre-show cruiserweight title match. Put it on the main show and this fits in nicely, better than a good few of the matches that are supposed to have more meaning. […]

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 – Matches Ranked

#6 Breezango def. The Ascension *1/4 In fairness, this was a harmless impromptu match, but not a whole lot happened in its short duration. #5 Women’s Title – Naomi def. Lana *3/4 A bit of a mess, but not the kind of mess I was expecting. Lana didn’t look great, but she held her own […]

WWE Money in the Bank Preview

Let’s keep this short; bi-weekly pay-per-views is a tiring-enough concept, so let’s try getting through them without discussing them too much… Money In the Bank! Of course, always holding one of the wrestling calendar’s huge attractions – the multi-man, Money In the Bank Ladder Match, where wrestler compete for a briefcase-enclosed contract that will allow […]