WWE WrestleMania 34 Review

After an unfortunate bout of illness, for the first time since 2006, I was unable to watch WrestleMania live. Luckily, I have enough strength in me today to write at least somewhat of a detailed review for the show, even though I may still be lacking in a few places. Pre-Show For the most part, […]

NXT Takeover: New Orleans Mini Review

Due to illness, I don’t have enough strength to go into too much detail, but here are a few thoughts on NXT Takeover: New Orleans. Match #1 – Adam Cole def. Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan, Velveteen Dream, Ricochet and EC3 in a Ladder Match to become the first ever NXT North American Champion Very exciting […]

Every WrestleMania Ranked!

#33 – WrestleMania 2 (1986) Not just a case of three arenas from three different cities leading to a lot of confusing problems, technical or otherwise, it’s just a lousy, tedious show, where the saving graces are matches that might border on 3 stars. Adrian Adonis vs Uncle Elmer is one of the most horrendous […]

The Great Big WrestleMania/Takeover Preview

NXT Takeover: New Orleans I wish this were happening tonight. It’s a tall order for a British wrestling fan to watch WWE live on consecutive nights (or ‘mornings’, as they are here), and as I don’t like staying up that late that often, I’ll be doing all my wrestling viewing on Sunday. That being said, […]

WWE Fastlane Mini Review

Was Fastlane a total waste of time? Let’s find out… Match #1 – Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev Solid work + great atmosphere = enjoyable opener. Rusev looked like he belonged in this match, and his work as a heel was very fun. Nakamura getting the win was never in doubt, but predictability was key here. […]

WWE Fastlane Preview

This is going to be a fast preview article, not because I want to make some half-assed pun on the name ‘Fastlane’, but because I don’t think many people are really that excited for much that SmackDown has to offer right now, including this card… There will be some curiosity in regards to the WWE […]

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Review

Match #1 – Alexa Bliss wins Elimination Chamber Match to retain the Women’s Championship I thought this was a pretty well-booked, with some fun utilisation of the structure, what with Mickie James eliminating Sonya Deville via an impressive manoeuvre from the top of one of the pods, Absolution destroying Bayley using the chain wall, and […]