Special Review #25 – ‘Not Available’ – The Residents

‘Not Available’ sees the Residents manage to cram every stupid idea they have, both inconveniently and roughly, into a forty-two-minute album, and the result is freakishly beautiful, or at the least, beautifully freakish. From whores to boats going under, to soul, to head-scratching, cryptic weirdness, this album has it…all? Man, it’s so wacked out that […]


Introducing, the most complete Jay-Z album since ‘The Blueprint’. ‘4:44’ is Hov’s most dignified album in recent years, his most honest, and one that redeems a lot of the near fall from grace he has suffered recently due to the failure of Tidal and the subject matter of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’. The latter’s controversy is addressed […]

Fifty Greatest David Bowie Songs

In a previous life, I had planned on doing a David Bowie retrospective, the kind of thing I’ve done for The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd and others. There’s still a chance of me doing this, but I’m not completely set on the idea, as going through every Bowie album was something that I ended up […]

Some of my favourite albums of the year so far…

‘A Crow Looked at Me’ – Mount Eerie There’s something very distinct about each of my big favourites of the year. In the saddest way possible, there is no album quite like ‘A Crow Looked at Me’, it’s Phil Elverum’s diary-esque ode to his sadly deceased wife. No music project can replicate how Phil must […]

‘Melodrama’ – Lorde – ALBUM REVIEW

I was pretty happy with Lorde’s 2013 debut album ‘Pure Heroine’. The production may have been a little all-too familiar, and the intent simply came across as “let’s make a pop album”, but she’s a pretty damn interesting songwriter, and a good singer too. The only decision Lorde has made that I’ve disliked was her […]