A Few Quick Thoughts – The War on Drugs & Mogwai

‘A Deeper Understanding’ – The War on Drugs Rather than sucking Mark Kozelek’s cock, the War on Drugs have decided to follow up their 2014 barnburner ‘Lost in the Dream’ with a similar record, but one that has failed to captivate me like its predecessor. ‘A Deeper Understanding’ is a guitar-fuelled, ‘80s-flirting, heartlands rock record […]

‘Saturation II’ – Brockhampton – ALBUM REVIEW

Saturation II Album by Brockhampton Released August 25 2017 Label – Question Everything Exec Producer – Kevin Abstract Rating – A (8/10)   A long, long time ago (June this year), Brockhampton released ‘Saturation’, which was succeeded with the promise of a ‘Saturation II’ the same year. ‘Saturation II’ drippity dropped just over two months […]