Premier League Week 3 Match Predictions

Bournemouth 0-3 Man City Bournemouth need to show a bit more attacking prowess. They have the potential in their options going forward, but unfortunately, this isn’t the match that’ll get them back on track. Man City will play the part of brick wall, and after their underwhelming ten-man display against Everton, they’ll give themselves a […]

2017-18 Premier League Predictions

Well, it’s time for the 2017-18 Premier League season to kick off. At the time of writing, opening match Arsenal vs Leicester is about to get underway, starting the season with a pretty big match. In this article, I’ll give a quick rundown of how I see the league table ending up, well, it’ll be […]

2017-18 EFL Championship Table Prediction

Next week, I’ll be doing some Premier League predictions. And for them, I’ll be going into a bit of detail. Of course, I don’t know as much about the Championship, and my readers (all two of them) probably don’t care as much about it. And so, with no actual explanation as to why I’ve decided […]

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Thoughts

As you’d expect, there wasn’t too much talk about the Confederations Cup, but as I made a predictions article, I thought I’d add to it with a final thoughts rundown. The tournament was actually pretty good, despite its reward not being too valuable, I enjoyed it a lot more than I enjoyed Euro 2016. It […]

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Predictions

I guess you might not consider the Confederations Cup to be a big deal, especially when you look at Germany’s squad for this particular edition. But I’m happy we have some form of major international football tournament to look forward to, and I’ve always liked the concept, so I may as well make some predictions! […]